This week, Rochester Senator Joe Robach joined his Senate colleague Greg Ball, as well as fellow Senate Majority members ,in stressing the importance for passing S. 2803B, the New York Jobs of Heroes Program.  This jobs program is not only supported by the New York State Senate Majority but was also supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo in his State of the State address.

The New York Jobs for Heroes Program will create a state contract preference for service connected disable veteran owned small business in New York State.  The legislation mirrors the highly successful federal program hat is presently established for a contract set aside.  Currently forty other states are currently using this program.  Since this legislation was introduced in 2007, it has continually and repeatedly passed in the Senate.

Senator Robach was pleased to support this legislation; he stressed the importance of focusing on new and innovative ways to create jobs for all New Yorkers, especially the men and women that served their nation and fellow citizens with honor and dignity.  These men and women had made numerous sacrifices for others and they deserve the promise of economic opportunity.

Senator Robach is a longtime supported of not only our country and states’ veterans but also of any available method to help create jobs and economic opportunity in New York State.