Joe Robach: Encouraging Training for Success

Senator Joe Robach wants to ensure that every New Yorker has access to job training services that can help them succeed in a rapidly changing economy. That is why he just approved a new State Budget that includes key elements of his Blueprint for Jobs plan, ensuring record support for successful job training initiatives.  The new budget includes increased funding for workforce training. 

These workforce training programs include Next Generation Job Linkage Program: $5 million for the Next Generation Job Linkage Program that works with employers to identify the job, define the skill, and provide training for it; SUNY / CUNY Workforce Development Initiative: this initiative helps employers refine the skills of their new hires, while enabling more experienced employees to upgrade their skills; Workforce Development Institute (WDI): the WDI is a not for profit that works with businesses and the AFL-CIO to provide focused training for workers and workforce transition support to help prevent jobs from being outsourced to other states; and Community Colleges: the budget provides strong support for community colleges to ensure that young New Yorkers have access to the education and training they need to secure good, high paying jobs.

Senator Robach’s Blueprint for Jobs also included a provision that created a new tax credit for businesses that hire veterans returning home from active duty military service. That credit would equal ten percent of wages paid, increasing to fifteen percent of wages if the veteran is also disabled.