Joe Robach: Helping Small Business Get Big Results

Senator Joe Robach recently voted in favor of a new New York State budget.  This new budget was not only passed on time for the third consecutive year, but it was also a budget that was terrific for small businesses.  Included in this year’s budget were key elements of the Robach supported Blueprint for Jobs initiative, a comprehensive plan to strengthen small businesses and work to create thousands of jobs across New York State.

To help New York’s small businesses, the new state budget includes tax relief for hundreds of thousands of small businesses that pay under the Personal Income Tax—providing a reduction in taxes they pay on business income; lower energy taxes, and new workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance reforms; and improved access to low interest loans to support small business and high tech start ups.

The Blueprint for Jobs Initiative championed by Senator Robach and his majority conference was focused on ReThink. ReVitalize. ReBuild Jobs for New York.  Senator Robach is a long time supporter of local and state wide small businesses, and was supported by the National Federation of Independent Business in his last election.