Joe Robach Supports New Supercomputer Which Will Support High Tech Jobs

Rochester Senator Joe Robach joined Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and local officials recently to cut the ribbon to unveil one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers for health research, which will be housed at the Health Sciences Center for Computational Innovation (HSCCI) at the University of Rochester and will support high tech jobs.

The HSCCI is a $100 million partnership with the University of Rochester and IBM dedicated to applying high performance computing solutions to the nation’s health challenges. Last year, the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council chose the HSCCI as one of its priority projects and received $5 million in state funds for its completion.

Rochester Senator Joe Robach said, “Governor Cuomo has worked very closely with the legislature to take the necessary steps to ensure that these high tech jobs are spread throughout New York so that every community can grow and prosper. This partnership is a direct result of the type of entrepreneurial government that he promised us. The Governor knows that in order to create growth, the state needs to work with businesses, both large and small, to help them grow and create jobs. The Finger Lakes has a true advocate in Governor Cuomo and I thank him for his leadership, and his commitment to getting New York moving in a better direction.”

The Center for Governmental Research, through a report commissioned by the University, anticipates that HSCCI will create 900 jobs at the University of Rochester and in the community, generate approximately $50 million in economic benefits and bring over $205 million in new research funding over the next 10 years. The jobs will be created through a combination of new faculty and staff for the Center, increased research funding and expansion of industry and academic partnerships with companies that utilize HSCCI’s supercomputers. The University of Rochester and IBM partnership joins together two of New York’s largest employers and economic leaders. In addition, the HSCCI enhances Rochester’s position as an international center for biomedical research and a magnet for research funding, scientific talent, industry and academic collaboration, and private sector job growth.

For more information about Joe Robach and his efforts to create jobs, contact his office.