Rochester Senator Joe Robach has consistently been a strong supporter of efforts to create and try to implement a viable and common sense solution to generate jobs in New York State. In 2010, Joe Robach and his colleagues supported a $5,000 tax credit for every new job that business creates, a credit that is modeled on a plan already in place at the federal level. Joe Robach supported a ban on all new taxes and fees on small business, while eliminate the corporate franchise tax on those same businesses and manufacturers. Joe Robach and the Senate passed a spending cap to slow the rate of government expansion. By banning new business regulations and red tape from state agencies while eliminating costly and unnecessary regulations, businesses will have more freedom to operate independent of burdensome state regulation. The job creation plan supported by Joe Robach of Rochester was called the “right recipe to expand our economy,” by the National Federation of Independent Business.

One of the key goals of Joe Robach has been to get the men and women of Rochester working again and maintaining a robust economic climate that is very important to the long term outlook of our state. By supporting an economic reform agenda in the Senate, Joe Robach knows that many of the same solutions that are needed across the state, also make sense right here in Rochester. The best way to keep a strong New York and Rochester is through securing a strong job market for its people.

Rochester Senator Joe Robach has been fighting for common sense solutions to the problems facing New York State, and this too applies to job creation. Through working together and giving business the tools it needs to succeed, New York will once again see the jobs that its people need retained and created.