Joe Robach today announced that more than 96,000 jobs are currently available and listed on the State’s Jobs Express website ( The site sorts thousands of jobs by region and occupation, and also allows users to search jobs based on zip code and travel distance.

New businesses and job listings are added every day. Throughout the month of April 2014, there were more than 73,000 new job openings listed on Jobs Express – a 22 percent increase from April 2013 – and more than 78,000 unique website visitors. More than 7,100 businesses posted a new job order on the site in April 2014. Businesses using the site fulfilled nearly 55,000 job orders in April 2014.

The occupational categories with the most jobs listed in April 2014 included: Sales and Related, Office Clerical and Secretarial, Management, Computer and Mathematical, and Healthcare Practitioner and Technical.

Additionally, today, Joe Robach hosted his bi-annual Jobs Fair in partnership with MCC, The August Group and Time Warner Cable.  To find out more about this bi-annual jobs fair, check out Joe Robach’s website.


Rochester Senator Joe Robach applauded Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s announcement that there more than $500,000 is still available in job training grants through the Clean Energy On-the-Job Training (OJT) program, which helps eligible businesses develop green job skills in their workforce. To date, the program has already awarded 64 businesses over $2.2 million to train workers across the state, with more than 250 workers hired through the grant funding.

The Clean Energy OJT program was developed through a partnership between the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the State Department of Labor (DOL), and provides participants with skills in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Businesses can receive 50 percent of the wages paid to new hires during their training period, with a maximum award per trainee of $15,000 and a maximum award per business of $150,000. To be eligible, businesses must have a current Partnership Agreement or contract agreement with NYSERDA or a participating investor-owned utility.

DOL works with NYSERDA to help facilitate this program by performing due diligence on all businesses interested in participating in the program. In addition, DOL works directly with businesses to provide job development and job-matching services as well as develop training plans for new hires that become the basis of the contract with NYSERDA.

Resources for Green Jobs

The Department of Labor’s Jobzone: and Careerzone allow an individual to research a wide range of professions to determine which is best suited towards their skills, education and experience and can be used to help target a specific career path in the green workforce.

The GreenCareersNY website (Job Seekers section): also offers various job boards with numerous training program opportunities—including certificate programs and local community college offerings.


Rochester Senator Joe Robach was proud to join his colleagues to vote in favor of a bipartisan budget resolution that balances the budget without raising taxes or fees, increases school aid funding and provides significant business and property tax relief that will create new jobs, grow the economy and help middle-class families stay and thrive in New York.

The Senate’s one-house budget controls spending and builds on the progress we’ve made over the last three years in stabilizing the state’s finances. It expands tax relief statewide for manufacturers and eliminates the job-killing 18-a energy tax surcharge on businesses so they can use the resulting savings to hire new workers and grow.

As part of the resolution, the Senate advances the “Freeze Plus NY,” program, which will provide $1.4 billion in additional property tax relief over the next two years. This program makes the existing property tax cap permanent, strengthens STAR and provides the benefits of a simplified freeze while helping local governments, school districts and taxpayers alike. It also requires local governments to submit efficiency plans that show current and out-year savings, and financial plans that include consolidation and shared service actions, as well as other budget actions which keep them within the property tax cap.

It restores $541 million of the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA), a controversial budget maneuver approved under the previous all-Democrat Senate leadership, which has resulted in billions of dollars less for school districts and placed an even greater strain on cash-strapped property taxpayers. Under this plan, the GEA will be completely eliminated in two years, for a total restoration of $1.1 billion.

The Senate budget helps middle-class families afford higher education, pay off their student loan debt and encourages graduates to start a career in New York State. Specifically, it increases tuition assistance for low- and- middle-income taxpayers, makes more students eligible for TAP, creates a low-interest revolving loan fund, and establishes a new tax credit for graduates who stay and work here.

The Senate’s budget resolution strengthens agricultural programs in New York by restoring cuts proposed in the Executive Budget, and reforming the state’s unfair estate tax to preserve family farms for future generations.

Under the Budget Reform Act of 2007, both houses of the State Legislature will now convene in open conference committees to resolve differences in their one-house budget resolutions.


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced this week that the State will commit $3 million to the Eastman Business Park Bioscience Manufacturing Center in Rochester which will begin construction later this year. The construction of the $25 million, 60,000 square feet facility, which will improve equipment for converting non-food plant materials into biofuels and biochemicals, is estimated to create hundreds of new jobs. Rochester Senator Joe Robach applauded this plan that will help to create jobs and stimulate the Rochester and State economy. The Eastman Business Park is the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council’s (FLREDC) top priority and is a crucial asset in both job creation and economic development in the region.

Senator Joe Robach said, “As a result of three on-time, fiscally responsible budgets, we have built a strong foundation to continue growing the State’s economy with investments like today’s announcement. This investment in Eastman Business Park is key to improving the area and will help make Rochester a leader in bioscience technology and innovation, while creating much-needed jobs for the community. I greatly appreciate Governor Cuomo’s commitment to Rochester, and look forward to working with him to pass another budget that serves the people of New York.”

Eastman Business Park (EBP), formerly Kodak Park, is a 1,200 acre technology and industrial complex that spans from the City of Rochester into the Town of Greece. It contains more than one million square feet of manufacturing, laboratory and warehouse space with infrastructure systems that put it among the top industrial sites in the eastern United States. Under Governor Cuomo, and with the support of Senator Joe Robach, more than $90 million has been committed and invested by New York State to attract dozens of new companies that are transforming EBP into a diverse hub for research and development and high tech manufacturing. The park now has 48 companies with more than 6,500 employees, most of which are non-Kodak jobs.


Rochester Senator Joe Robach applauded Governor Cuomo recent announcement that would be introducing a plan to enact a two billion dollars in tax relief for New Yorkers across the state that will work to stimulate the economy and create jobs. Under the Governor’s plan supported by Joe Robach, the proposals will “build on our previous successes including enacting the state’s first property tax cap and achieving the lowest middle class income tax rate in 60 years, increasing economic opportunity by further reducing taxes and attracting businesses to the state. (They will also) keep New York moving in the right direction, creating jobs, growing the economy and providing much-needed relief for struggling families.”

The specifics of this plan include a two year freeze on property taxes, provided the municipality stays within the two percent property tax cap and works to consolidate certain services with other municipalities, a property tax “circuit breaker,” a renters’ tax credit, estate tax reforms, a cut in business taxes that will work to treat businesses in New York more fairly, a real property tax credit for manufacturers, an elimination of the tax rate on upstate manufacturers, an acceleration of the phase out of the 18-A energy surcharge and an overall tax simplification.

The most helpful item of the tax relief plan, in the view of Joe Robach, is the elimination of the tax rate on upstate manufacturers. To encourage the growth of manufacturing Upstate, Governor Cuomo recommended that the State eliminate the corporate income tax rate for Upstate manufacturers. This proposal would provide an additional $25 million in tax relief for Upstate businesses and complement the proposal to reduce property taxes on manufacturers.


This week, Rochester Senator Joe Robach joined his Senate colleague Greg Ball, as well as fellow Senate Majority members ,in stressing the importance for passing S. 2803B, the New York Jobs of Heroes Program.  This jobs program is not only supported by the New York State Senate Majority but was also supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo in his State of the State address.

The New York Jobs for Heroes Program will create a state contract preference for service connected disable veteran owned small business in New York State.  The legislation mirrors the highly successful federal program hat is presently established for a contract set aside.  Currently forty other states are currently using this program.  Since this legislation was introduced in 2007, it has continually and repeatedly passed in the Senate.

Senator Robach was pleased to support this legislation; he stressed the importance of focusing on new and innovative ways to create jobs for all New Yorkers, especially the men and women that served their nation and fellow citizens with honor and dignity.  These men and women had made numerous sacrifices for others and they deserve the promise of economic opportunity.

Senator Robach is a longtime supported of not only our country and states’ veterans but also of any available method to help create jobs and economic opportunity in New York State.


Rochester Senator Joe Robach is pleased to once again invite the public to his Career and Job Fair for Business and Technical Professionals. This career fair is once again sponsored by Monroe Community College, The August Group, Angelo Planning Group, Time Warner Cable, Rochester Works! and the Democrat and Chronicle Media Group.

The 2013 Career Fair for Business and Technical Professionals will take place on Thursday, December 5, 2013 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Monroe Community College R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center, Monroe A & B – 1000 East Henrietta Road. For more information, click the link below.

Last June, Senator Robach and partners hosted a very successful jobs fair. One very important partner of Joe Robach for this and the upcoming job fair is The August Group. The August Group is Rochester’s premier volunteer networking organization for individuals seeking employment or a career change. More specifically, The August Group is a volunteer organization committed to retaining local talent in the greater Rochester area by facilitating career and business networking for professionals. The August Group hosts weekly networking meetings for professionals at different locations, seminars and career fairs.


Rochester Senator Joe Robach on hand as Sandy Parker of the Rochester Business Alliance and Unshackle Upstate introduced their New ERA Five Point Plan for Upstate this week. This plan outlines ways to combat high unemployment rates and burdensome taxes. Senator Joe Robach and his colleagues in the NYS Senate and have already included some of these points in last year’s Blueprint for Jobs Plan, and look forward to working with Unshackle Upstate to continue to renew job growth and business development in New York State.

According to Rochester City Newspaper:

During a press conference this morning at the Rochester Business Alliance offices, Unshackle Upstate executive director Brian Sampson said that fracking could create 12,000 to 15,000 jobs in the Southern Tier. And a press release from Unshackle says that fracking would generate approximately $78 million for the state in 2014-15. (The job creation figures and economic benefits of fracking are often viewed skeptically, in part because many of the jobs go to workers from outside the areas where drilling is happening.)
“We think it’s time for New York to get off the dime and develop the Marcellus Shale through hydraulic fracturing,” Sampson said.
Unshackle Upstate is also calling for:

-A 25 percent reduction in income taxes for upstate residents making less than $50,000 a year;
-Phasing out the corporate franchise tax by 2018;
-Halving the state sales tax in upstate counties that have high unemployment rates and declining populations;
-Eliminating the 18a energy assessment for upstate manufacturers — a move that would lead to slightly cheaper energy costs for manufacturing businesses.


This week, Rochester Senator Joe Robach applauded Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announcement that NOHMs Technologies Inc. is locating its pilot nanoscale battery materials manufacturing facility at Eastman Business Park (EBP) in Rochester creating jobs in the Rochester area. The project is receiving $1.5 million from the Governor’s Regional Economic Development Councils initiative, and is expected to create more than 100 new full-time scientific, technical, operations and manufacturing jobs in the next three years. The project is expected to be completed in February 2014, and will convert 8,000-square feet of excess office and lab space at the Park’s Building 320 into a research, development and advanced manufacturing facility for lithium sulfur battery materials and battery cell prototypes.

As part of the project, NOHMs, which stands for Nanoscale Organic Hybrid Materials, is partnering with the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) and its BEST Test and Commercialization Center, also located at Eastman Business Park. The Finger Lakes REDC has identified the creation of a cluster of cleantech businesses at the Eastman Business Park as its top regional economic development resource, and the NOHMs announcement is now the second involving an energy storage company with plans to locate to the Park.

In July, Governor Cuomo announced a $23 million private-public investment toward the creation of the BEST Test and Commercialization Center. Under a partnership agreement with NY-BEST, DNV KEMA Energy and Sustainability, a Netherlands-based energy consulting company will invest in the Center and move its energy storage testing capabilities from Pennsylvania into Building 308 at EBP. The BEST Test and Commercialization Center was a key reason NOHMs chose EBP for their research and manufacturing operations. The Center provides access to testing and prototyping equipment to help energy storage manufacturers accelerate the development and commercialization of new technologies and products.

NOHMs will be working to commercialize its light-weight electrode and electrolyte materials, which will supply more than twice the energy at half the cost of battery materials currently used in mobile devices, electric vehicles, military and stationary grid storage products, according to NOHMs. Incorporated in 2010, NOHMs is relocating seven full-time employees to the new site.

Funding for the $2.6 million product development and manufacturing facility includes $1 million from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for NOHMs’ pilot manufacturing facility and a $500,000 performance-based grant for the NY-BEST prototyping capabilities, intended to be located at RIT, from Empire State Development (ESD). The ESD funding commitment is linked to NOHMs’ job creation targets.

“I applaud NYSERDA and ESD for investing in this project and helping to bring more jobs to our community,” said Senator Joe Robach. “NOHMs Technologies is exactly the type of company that will help the Eastman Business Park re-invent itself as one of the preeminent industrial parks in the country.”


Rochester Senator Joe Robach passed along his congratulations to Ines Antonetti-Ferrer, owner of Ines’ Casa de Hair, for receiving the 2013 Hispanic Business Person of the Year award at yesterday’s Rochester Hispanic Business Association annual Gala Luncheon. This truly is a milestone achievement for Ines, thank you for all that you do for our community. Joe Robach believes the job Ines Antonetti-Ferrer has done for her community is truly worthy of this honor.

Ms. Antonetti-Ferrer was recently interviewed by the Rochester Hispanic Business Association:

Q: When did you open your business?
A: I opened Casa de Hair in February of 2003 after working with my sister at the Upper Cut for 17 years. I recently purchased ny building a 1 year and half ago with the help of the city and my fiancé.

Q: Most people are afraid to start their own business? What gave you the courage to do it?
A: As a hair dresser that is always your dream… “Owning your own salon. “ Several things held me back but then there comes a time where you are either going to make this change or I am going to stay tied. I went through a divorce and I decided to make a break and start clean.

Q: What was the hardest part of running the business
A: It’s about control. Hair is like fashion, its always changing, new styles and products. I caught myself spending too much on new products. I decided I had to choose the companies and products I liked and stick to them I looked at my bookkeeping and saw I spent $50k to S60k on new products. I’ve always been good at managing the finances but as a woman I love to shop and having that license to buy was something I had to learn to manage.

Q:Have you had a mentor as a business owner?
A:I have had many, but the one that has helped me the most and given me lots of ideas, is Al Burgos. I’ve also had a lot of professional woman come and sit in my chair and encourage me. God also guided me to do this. I went to church one Sunday and the theme was “it is time to do it and take fear away.” With my faith, strength and mentors I did it. I would never would have expected I would become the Hispanic Business Person of Year because I just work. I just work hard and I want to have a respectable business.

Q:If you where to give a person thinking of starting a business one piece of advice, what would it be?
A:Go for your dreams. Go for it. Make your plan. At the time I had a good relationship with the manager of the Downtown Marine Midland Bank and he asked me if I had a business plan. I said, “ No, I have a clientele.” You have to guarantee that you have at least a $1000 a week in clients that are going to come to you. And make sure your rent is not too high so even if you make the minimum of your plan you can make the rent. Go slow within your means.

Q:How would you compare working for someone else versus working for yourself?
A:I worked for my sister for 17 years and she was one of mentors. Another was Elliot Clemons of Chic Impressions; he was the first salon I ever worked with. I like working for other peoples because you can learn from them. I like working myself better because you are free to do what you want. When you are working for someone else you are following their dreams not yours. I also worked at the McCurdys salon. I’ve had my license since I was 18 and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Q:Any tips on hiring?
A:It is kind of hard to find people that are willing to learn and fast. Just yesterday I spoke with a young lady who went to school and never bothered with the license. I find that many didn’t follow through with that. Many also come in and want to start their own business. I love to teach, I also volunteer at REOC at the cosmetology program.